7 June 2013
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7 June 2013,

Today, finding Staffing Franchises for sale can be as easy as jumping on Google and doing a search.  If you look online you will find many choices however, finding the right staffing franchise to buy, is the real challenge.

Every year the staffing industry is responsible for matching millions of people to the jobs in almost every sector of employment.  Whether people are looking for full-time employment, temporary or contract work, companies both large and small use staffing franchises to get the job done.  Outsourcing has become a necessary tool in today’s economy causing franchises within the staffing industry to grow at a fast rate.  The opportunity to purchase staffing franchises for sale has never been better!

The U.S. staffing industry has already reached $87 billion and is predicted to be one of the fastest growing industries in coming years as employers look for more flexibility, cost savings and immediate access to qualified talent.

Advantages of buying Staffing Franchises for Sale

How great would it be to own your own staffing business without having to do it alone?  When you purchase a Staffing franchises through Jomsom Staffing, you’re becoming part of a lucrative business that is not only season-proof, it allows you to create multiple streams of income!

Owning a staffing franchise, you will also get to take advantage of the training and expertise of a seasoned staffing team.  Having the experience and know-how of people who will help you become successful is a major advantage as well.  Buying a staffing franchise for sale you get the direction needed to make right decision at the right time.

Staffing Franchises for Sale in Your Area

Jomsom Staffing has staffing franchises for sale in your area.  We are a nationwide staffing agency and are looking for entrepreneurial minded people who want to take full advantage of the staffing industries continued boom.  The U.S. staffing industry growth has been more robust in the current economic recovery (2013) than it was in the three years following the previous two recessions, which ended in 2001 and 1991 respectively.  The most recent Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) figures indicate that employment in the temporary/contract services industry increased by 45% since the 2007 recession ended in 2009!

If you are interested in purchasing staffing franchises for sale, please contact us today to learn more.

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